Monday, March 25, 2013

Two new short courses, and information about my masterclasses starting in August. For more detailed information about these classes, and how to register, go to the Masterclasses and Mentoring tab at the top. 

Writing, creativity and meditation

A writing course over 2 weekend afternoons 

Writing, like any creative practice, depends on vastly different activities and abilities – the ideas and inspiration to get started on a project, the imagination and creativity to bring it into being, and the discipline, energy and persistence to continue and complete. But there are times when it’s difficult to find the confidence to continue, and the clarity to see where to go. These are questions every writer struggles with at times. Even getting to the desk to start writing can be an issue. Write a little every day without hope and fear, Isaak Dinesen said. In this class over 2 Saturday afternoons we will use meditation exercises and writing exercises, readings and discussion to improve our understanding of the writing process and look at how meditation can be an aid to the writer.

Venue Newtown/Enmore area
Dates: Saturdays 8 and 15 June 2-6pm
Cost:  $300

As well as being an experienced writer and teacher of writing, who has taught writing in many different venues, Barbara Brooks has studied meditation in various disciplines.

Kickstart your writing 
or, how to inspire yourself and keep writing

A writing workshop over 2 weekend afternoons  

Whether you’re getting started on a new writing project, or getting going again after a break, you need the inspiration and energy to magic the ideas into words, to begin with, and then the  enthusiasm, patience, and discipline – and different kind of energy – to follow through. The Australian writer Marjorie Barnard wished for someone to encourage her, to stand behind her and say, Write, darling, write! In this workshop over two Saturday afternoons we’ll discuss some ideas about  how to inspire yourself and stimulate creativity, and strategies for keeping going through the different, and sometimes difficult, stages of working on a book or longer project. We’ll look at how to work with a draft, and revising and rewriting to completion.  There will be presentations by me, as well as readings, writing exercises, and discussion. And writing exercises to help you develop your project.  You will send some writing to me and the group before the second meeting, and get written editorial feedback from me as well as discussion of your work in a workshop session. 

Venue: Newtown/Enmore area
Dates: Saturdays 6 & 20 July  2pm-6pm  
Cost:  $300

Masterclasses in memoir and nonfiction 

You work with me in a small group with a strong focus on your writing. I'll present information on different topics, suggest writing strategies. You get readings, writing exercises, and written feedback from me as well as guided workshop discussion of your writing. My experience of teaching writing has convinced me this is what you need to develop your writing and make progress.  

Venue: Enmore
Dates: Saturdays 2-6.15pm starting 10 August
Cost: $750  

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