Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Latest on Classes from BB WritingLife

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the BB WritingLife blog, which will tell you about my classes as well as referring you to some writing events, articles and websites you might find useful and interesting.

Masterclasses: my next Masterclasses in Memoir will start in August. More information soon.

New classes: I'm also running some short courses in May/June: one on how to inspire yourself and get started on your project, or, re-inspire your writing and get started again, called Kickstart Your Writing, and another called Writing and Meditation on how meditation may help you get started, get inspired and solve problems in your writing. These classes will run over two Saturdays, a fortnight apart. Details soon.

Other news: I've been editing, with Moya Costello, Anna Gibbs, and Rosslyn Prosser, a collection of short experimental writing by Australian women. This will published soon as a special issue of the e-journal Text, and I'll give you the details when it appears.

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