Thursday, October 15, 2015

Special message from the Memoir Club: October session cancelled

Randwick Literary Institute 

60 Clovelly Road

Randwick 2031

We’re very sorry to say that at this late date we have to cancel our October session. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rosie Scott is unable to be our guest this month.  We send our warm wishes to Rosie and her family.  

Change of date for next session: Patti Miller in conversation with Beth Yahp on Tuesday Dec 1st 

The good news is that our next meeting, the last for the year, will be Patti Miller in conversation with Beth Yahp about Beth’s memoir, Eat First, Talk Later.  It’s a treat – a memoir of family, feasting, and the travelling self,  evoking life in Malaysia and telling some of its diverse history.  Patti Miller writes memoir and nonfiction  -  her latest book is Ransacking Paris - and is a much admired teacher of life writing.  It’s the last Memoir Club meeting for the year, so we’ll make it a celebration!  The date has been changed to Tuesday 1 December, put it in your diary now. 

The not-so-good news is that it may be the final meeting of the Memoir Club.  We’ve been going for three years now, with the support of our guest speakers and our members (you!), and much hard work behind the scenes from Beth, initially with Brent, Alison and Barbara. This year the sessions have been organised and run by members of our committee.  But life is unstoppable and work commitments, family commitments, and illness have made it impossible for some to contribute and difficult for others to continue. If you can commit to helping us, come along in December and hear more.     

Memoir Club Committee: Alison Lyssa, Bindu Narula, Beth Yahp, Barbara Brooks, Josephine Grieve, Jessica Kirkness, Betty O’Neill, Emily Chantiri and Nasrin Mahoutchi

“What could be simpler to understand than the act of people writing about what they know best, their own lives? But his apparently simple act is anything but simple, for the writer becomes, in the act of writing, both the observing subject and the object of investigation, remembrance, and contemplation.”
Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson


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