Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here are some sessions at the Sydney Writers' Festival that might be either helpful or interesting.

There are some 'craft' sessions and some that sound useful from a craft point of view: Jackie Kay on May 25th, 180, How Imagination can help us survive; Framing a Life: on Memoir, 213 on May 26; Research and Writing 218 on May 26th, Deborah Levy on why she writes, 249 on May 26; A Character called Place, 217, on May 23; Ann Deveson in Writing Painful Experiences, 63, May 23; The Art and Ethics of Biography, 122, May 24.

The writers I'm interested include Kate Atkinson, Claire Messud, Pankaj Mishra who writes brilliantly about India, James Wood, the critic and reviewer.

And there's an evening at the Observatory with Ross Gibson, always a stimulating speaker, talking about his new book Starburst World, on William Dawes.

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